1966 FIFA World Cup Final – Limited Edition COLOUR DVD

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Limited edition souvenir colour DVD of the 1966 FIFA World Cup Final.

“Incredible colour.”
Henry Winter, Chief Football Writer, THE TIMES

“Brilliant work. So great to see this legendary game – and my Dad – in full colour.”
Roberta Moore

This unique film, just published to 5 star reviews, gives football fans the chance to watch the whole of the 1966 World Cup Final between England and West Germany in full colour, for the first time ever. It recaptures the magic of England’s greatest sporting achievement – when England beat West Germany 4-2 and Sir Geoff Hurst scored his amazing hat-trick.

The 1966 World Cup Final was broadcast on TV in black & white and the original colour film no longer exists. It was discarded on the cutting room floor when the tournament film editing was completed. All we had left – until now – was the grainy black & white footage and a few precious colour highlights – a vital reference source for the restoration and colourisation work undertaken in the first half of 2021 by specialists in New Zealand, India, London and the USA – in time for the 55th anniversary of the final in July.

The remastering project was led by the team at Final Replay. Restoration and colour grading was undertaken by Park Road in New Zealand, whose credits include The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, and the acclaimed WWI film They Shall Not Grow Old. BAFTA-nominated West Wing Studios undertook the painstaking colourisation work.

This new colour film brings this incredible match back to life – so that fans can enjoy reliving the six goals, extra time and excitement all over again – and help preserve an important element of England’s sporting heritage for future generations. Wembley’s green turf, England in red and white, The Queen in a bright yellow outfit – the new footage is a gem.

3932 of this specially designed souvenir edition will be published. Half will be unsigned (this version) and half will be signed by Sir Geoff Hurst (a separate version at £66 – please see shop for more details).

2.5% of net profits over ten years from the 1966 colour project will be donated to our charity partner Alzheimer’s Society.

The DVD is the standard UK format (PAL) and playable in the UK and many other countries. It is not playable in the USA in an NTSC player.

The DVD comes in a specially designed eco-card slip case. The delivery charge covers the cost of second class postage, the bag, handling & checking, addressing and dispatch. We contract out dispatch to a small professional team in Lewes who take pride in customer service and carefully process each order.

We would like to make this souvenir DVD affordable for all – so do please contact us on ncc@finalreplay.tv if you are on a low income, out of work, or in receipt of state benefits – as we may be able to provide you with a discount code.

23 reviews for 1966 FIFA World Cup Final – Limited Edition COLOUR DVD

  1. Sir Geoff Hurst

    Amazing restoration

  2. Henry Winter, THE TIMES

    Incredible colour

  3. Mark Brindle

    A great piece of history brought back to life. Looks really good in full colour.

  4. Simon

    Really great work spent on restoration. England’s 1966 World Cup Final victory looks brilliant now in colour.

  5. Chris Godfrey

    Wow, couldn’t resist watching as soon as I received delivery. Superb colour and detail in the foreground and the background. Loved seeing such detail as the supporters in the stadium, the press around the goals, the corner flags, scoreboard and Wembley itself on such a glorious day. What a superb job of restoration. I would highly recommend to anyone who would like to relive or view for the first time England becoming football World champions in glorious colour and presented as fresh as the day it happened on this dvd.

  6. Paul Riseborough

    The time and effort put into this restoration of this recording of the ’66 World Cup Final has resulted in a superb colour offering of England’s greatest football achievement. It brought back so many memories of that day.
    An excellent piece of work.

  7. Glenn Coltman

    A beautiful thing to watch over again & again, this DVD is closest thing to be there, I would like to say thank you to all the people who made this possible

  8. Martyn Buckell

    Delighted with my dvd, fantastic restoration, a big thank you & very well done to all concerned.

  9. David Moore

    I do agree with all the other reviews – the colour restoration is amazing. It would be great to see it released in future in HD quality to get that pinpoint clarity on a 55 inch. But don’t let that put you off, I have watched on small and large screens and it does look great on any size of TV. Well worth the money spent. A great piece of football history brought back to life in glorious colour. For the DVD itself, it deserves a full 5 star rating. Thanks to all involved.

    R.I.P. All those from that momentous occasion who are now not with us. In particular one of my favourite English footballers, the late great Bobby Moore. No relation by the way.

  10. Roberta Moore

    Brilliant work and a wonderful restoration of this legendary match – so great to see this game – and my dad! – in full colour. Well done and thank you.

  11. Gordon Differ

    Great DVD. Colour is amazing (pity no action replays especially the fifth goal would love to see a future version with these highlights). I urge all you England fans to go out and buy it you will not be disappointed … it may never happen again!

  12. Steve Hoskins

    Had this on DVD but in Black & White but when seeing this on FACEBOOK just had to get it. Wonderful to be able to watch it in colour – the colour is fantastic – glad I got it! AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE FOR ANY FOOTBALL FAN!

  13. Wayne Bridgeman

    A beautiful job done on this classic match ! Well done to all concerned and thank you !

  14. Mr Colin Martyn

    Thoroughly enjoyable watch. Great colourisation job.

  15. Russell Harper

    A superb job has been made of the restoration. The detail and resolution is far superior on the DVD compared to what was shown on Channel 4 in July. There are so many wonderful little details brought to life in glorious technicolor or whatever the modern equivalent is. The DVD actually gives you a greater appreciation of how comfortable Alfs lads were with the ball at their feet, top notch.

  16. Andy Walters

    I have watched and enjoyed the limited original colour film footage many times, but have to say this colourized and restored version is a revelation, & stands up very well against the original. Considering the age and quality of the b&w footage used for the basis of this DVD the result is superb. Well done.

  17. Duncan Wyatt

    It is really fantastic to watch the match and clips of the crowd in colour, as it makes all the difference watching it in colour instead of black and white.
    Everything is so much clearer and you can see how soft the Wembley pitch was on the day.
    Easily see Alan Ball get a hole in his sock when he is fouled. It is much more obvious when the sun starts to shine than on the black and white footage.
    I have always been interested in the World Cup Final and have books and other DVD’s on the match, but to now have the whole match in colour gives the viewer a whole new experience of the match.

  18. Simon Patterson

    Neil and his restoration & colourising team have brought this hugely historic match back to life. It is truly amazing what they have achieved. I have spent years trying to find this match in colour. I was convinced that it must exist somewhere. But it didn’t, until now.
    “They think it’s in Colour; it is Now!”

  19. Adrian Locke

    My 90 year old Dad has Alzheimers, I bought this to watch with him. It brought him to life for the length of the DVD and a good hour afterwards. His eyes lit up and he was talking about the team, the match and his own footballing days. I’m going to play it again every now and then just to give us both something to chat about. Thank you. The DVD is brilliant.

  20. Mr Tim Kearsley

    Excellent, simply excellent to watch the whole game for the first time wonderfully restored in colour. I loved Hugh Johns’ commentary with Dave Bowen’s additional comments (who was or would become the Welsh national manager). Thanks very much and well done to all involved in this fantastic project.

  21. Tony Lawrence

    An absolutely outstanding job done by the team behind this project and it brings new life to our greatest sporting achievement. Now we can see the Final in living colour and support a fantastic charity as well. We’ve lost too many of the team to Alzeheimers or Dementia so let’s remember them and help those who are currently struggling with this awful disease.

  22. Susan Bates

    Fantastic in colour!

  23. David Manns

    I definitely give this DVD five stars! I already owned a black and white copy of the 1966 final, but the colourisation makes such a difference! The images just jump off the screen and the emotions come through. I would also give five stars to Final Replay for their excellent customer service. We had problems with the US Postal Service (they even returned the DVD to the UK at one point), but Final Replay persevered and I got it in the end. Thank you Final Replay.

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